Tamiya Plastik Modellbau Katalog 2023 (GB/DE/F/E)
- Tamiya Hauptkatalog 2023- beinhaltet Plastkmodellbau, Farben, Werkzeug, Lehrreiche Bausätze, 1:16 Panzer und 1:14 LKW Modelle- in Englisch, Deutsch, Französisch und Spanisch

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Tamiya 1:48 Lockheed Martin F-16C/N Aggressor
Tamiya 1:48 Lockheed Martin F-16C/N Aggressor

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Tamiya 1:72 Messerschmitt Bf109E-3
Art.Nr.: 300060750 Artikelbezeichnung: 1:72 Messerschmitt Bf109E-3Without a doubt, the Messerschmitt Bf109 can be clamed as the most famous and successful German aircraft from the WW2. It was the world´s most advanced fighter at that time of its debut in 1936, and remained as the standard fighter for the Luftwaffe throughout the conflict. Created by the brilliant designer Willi Messerschmitt, it had the smallest possible air frame built around the most powerful engine available. It also boasted many of the then innovated features such as an all metal stressed skin construction, retractable main landing gear. Automatic Handley-Page leading edge slats, etc. The Bf109 saw the first combat during the Spanish Civil War and fully demonstrated it exceptional maneuverability, inherited from its precedent Bf108 Taifun (Typhoon) multi-purpose sports plane. The Bf109 underwent numerous improvements throughout its carrier, and mass production of the E variant started late in 1939. Within one year, about 2,000 "E" aircraft were rolled out. Its excellent performance greatly contributed in the active service of German pilots at the Western Front and during the "Battle of Britain". The E-3 version used and improved Daimler-Benz DB601Aa engine capable of 1,100 h.p. output. This engine had provision for mounting a 20mm MG FF cannon on the crankcase and firing through propeller hub. The Messerschmitt Bf109E was one of the best fighters of the early WW2 period, on a par with the British Spitfire.

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Art.Nr.: 300061085 Artikelbezeichnung: 1:48 VOUGHT F4U-1D CORSAIRAbout the Vought F4U-1D Corsair w/ Moto-TugThe speedy Corsair debuted as the 1st US fighter plane to overcome the 400mph (644km/h) barrier. However the initial production version of this aircraft, the F4U-1 "Birdcage", was not without its problems. The port wing stall often gave the Corsair unstable landing, and the long nose and framed canopy hindered visibility. These weak points necessitated the development of improved versions such as the latter developed F4U-1A with 18cm raised cockpit and raised rear landing gear. The F4U-1D featured clear vision canopy (two side frames removed) and had two pylons under the center wing section that could carry up to a 1,000lb bomb payload. In 1944 the F4U-1D Corsair was formally deployed as a carrier based aircraft.Following the successful release of the 1/48 Messerschmitt Me262 A-2a w/ Kettenkraftrad, Tamiya is proud to present yet another aircraft/ground vehicle set: the 1/48 scale F4U-1D Corsair (Item 61061) with the all new 1/48 "Moto Tug." This kit is perfect for designing the ultimate U.S. Navy Scene Diorama. Aircraft Tug or "Moto-Tug" tractors, as they were nicknamed, were manufactured by Ford. The Ferguson Company modified these vehicles for ease of application in the U.S. Navy by lowering clearance, and reducing wheel diameter to make it more compact. A protective panel was also added. The double-tire version of this vehicle was the BNO-40, the single-tire version was the BNO-25. Tow bars from Moto Tugs would attach to the rear landing gear or main landing gear struts. These vehicles were active in towing U.S. Naval planes to runways and hangers. The kit will feature all new parts for recreation of rockets on outer section of wing, perfect for displaying in wing-folded position. In addition to the standing pilot figure of the previous kit, a pilot figure to be assembled leaning out of the cockpit (checking towing) will be included.This kit reproduces the double-wheel versio

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Tamiya JPN Ki-61-Id Hien & Kurogane 1:48 Platik Modellbau Militär Flugzeug Bausatz
Tamiya 1:48 JPN Ki-61-Id Hien & Kurogane

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Tamiya Avro Dambuster B Mk III Db/Mk I GSB 1:48 Platik Militär Flugzeug Bausatz
Art.Nr.: 300061111 Art.bezeichnung: 1:48 Avro Dambuster B Mk III Db/Mk I GSBThis product is basically a diorama ready for assembly and painting: it includes two classic Tamiya 1/48 scale models (Items 61013 and 32558), plus a base and diorama sheet! With an easy-to-follow and logical model assembly process, the set is a great choice for modelling beginners or veterans alike who wish to create a realistic scene.• Item 61013 1/48 scale Nakajima Ki-84-Ia Hayate (Frank) assembly kit x1. This classic kit accurately recreates the Hayate form complete with fuselage surface detailing, a choice of open or closed canopy, deployed or retracted landing gear, 2 figures and 4 marking options. • Item 32558 1/48 scale Japanese 4x4 Light Vehicle Type 95 Kurogane assembly kit x1. This compact 75mm-length model kit captures the vehicle's unique style. The interior features 3 seats, while a choice of open- or closed-top parts are included. 2 figures are included. • Item 73021 Display Base (Large/Surface 300x160mm) x1. This is a perfect size for displaying your finished Hayate and Kurogane models. It is made from paintable styrene resin, and features sloped sides with a flat back face. • Item 66615 Diorama Material Sheet (Turf) x1. Add the final touch of realism with this sheet. A4 in size, it features yellow, green and brown fibers around 3mm in length that make for a strikingly authentic depiction of a grass surface.

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Tamiya 1:100 Space Shuttle Atlantis
Art.Nr.: 300060402 Artikelbezeichnung: 1:100 Space Shuttle AtlantisNASA's space shuttle was first launched on April 12, 1981 and the fleet has accomplished numerous historic missions throughout their 30 years of service. The spacecraft conducted the latest research and played an important role in building the largest structure in space thus far, the International Space Station. The final space shuttle mission ended on July 21, 2011 with the flight of the Atlantis and the shuttle fleet is now destined for public display in museums across the United States.

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Tamiya 1:48 WWII Rus. Ilyushin LI-2 Shturmovik
Art.Nr.: 300061113 Artikelbezeichnung: 1/48 WWII Rus. Ilyushin LI-2 ShturmovikThe Ilyushin Il-2 was one of the most significant ground-attack aircraft of WWII. It incorporated a sturdy monocoque construction and excellent armor protection to make it perfect for ground attack operations. It was initially conceived as a two-seat design but due to weight issues it was re-designed as a lighter single-seat aircraft in 1940. As production began in 1941, the aircraft was designated as the Il-2. Heavy losses of the single-seat aircraft during combat forced the addition of a rear gunner position in 1943. Later variants featured improvements such as swept outer wings for better handling. The Il-2 contributed greatly to the eventual Russian victory over Nazi Germany. Joseph Stalin himself famously noted that the aircraft was as vital to the Russian Army as air and bread.

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Tamiya 1:72 WWII Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero Fighter
Art.Nr.: 300060779 Artikelbezeichnung: 1:72 WWII Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero FighterThis is the definitive 1/72 plastic model of the Japanese Navy's representative fighter aircraft, the Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero Fighter.History of the Zero fighter: The Mitsubishi A6M Zero was the Japanese Navy's main fighter throughout the Pacific Theater during WWII. In the latter half of the war, the model 52 Zero, a refined version of the model 22, aimed to take on the ever increasing numbers of high-performance U.S. aircraft. It featured a shorter 11m wingspan with rounded wingtips, was powered by the same 1130hp Nakajima "Sakae" engine as seen in the model 22 Zero, and had the new exhaust propulsion system which gave it a 565km/h top speed. The A6M5 came armed with two 7.7mm machine guns and 20mm belt-fed cannons. Deployment of the A6M5 began in the autumn of 1943, and they saw action in the Solomons campaign as well as over the Marianas. It defended Japan against overwhelming numbers of superior U.S. aircraft up until the very last day of the war.

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Tamiya 1:32 DeHavilland Mosquito FB Mk.VI
Art.Nr.: 300160326Art.bezeichnung: 1:32 DeHavilland Mosquito FB Mk.VIThe "Wooden Wonder" makes an appearance in highly impressive 1/32 scale! That was the nickname given to the De Havilland Mosquito series of aircraft, an ingenious and beautiful design which saw the versatile airplane made almost entirely of wood. By the late 1930s, when design work on the Mosquito started, metal was the overwhelmingly favored medium. However, the Mosquito's designer foresaw that metal would become a precious resource in the probable war ahead; what was more, his highly lightweight wooden aircraft would be able to outrun heavier metal opponents. Constructed mainly from balsa wood sandwiched between sheets of birch, the Mosquito was originally designed as a weaponless bomber; once the armed forces and designers realized that the aircraft could withstand enemy fire even if it was caught, a number of variants were produced. The FB Mk.VI debuted in Spring 1943: this fighter-bomber variant packed four 7.7mm machine guns in the nose, plus four powerful 20mm autocannons and the ability to mount four 500lb bombs. Its outstanding speed and range ensured that the FB Mk.VI was used in a range of missions, including raids on important targets and infrastructure in the German homeland. It is often said that, until the advent of the Messerschmitt Me262, the German Luftwaffe did not have an adequate response to the "Mossie."

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Tamiya 1:72 II-2 Stormovik
Art.Nr.: 300060781 Artikelbezeichnung: 1:72 II-2 StormovikThe Ilyushin Il-2 Shuturmovik was the Russian military's representative ground-attack aircraft during WWII. Over 36,000 examples were built by the end of the war, making it the most produced military aircraft in aviation history. The aircraft was characterized by armor that was integrated into its airframe to provide protection for vital areas such as the cockpit, engine, and fuel tank. Production of the single-seat version of the Il-2 began in March 1941 but severe losses led to the development of a two-seat version with a rear gunner. A version which featured outer wing sections swept back at 15 degrees for a better center of gravity was introduced in late- 1943. Together with the T-34 tank, the Il-2 contributed greatly to the eventual Russian victory. The Tamiya 1/72 aircraft model faithfully captures all the details of this historic aircraft. The Il2 is also available in 1/48 scale for those modelers who have extra display space in their war bird collection.

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Tamiya 1:32 WWII North American P-51D Mustang
Art.Nr.: 300060322 Artikelbezeichnung: 1:32 WWII North American P-51D MustangThe P-51 Mustang is considered by many to be the best fighter aircraft of WWII. The P-51 Mustang came about when the British Purchasing Commission asked North American Aviation to produce the Curtiss P-40 for the RAF, but North American stated they could build something better. The P-51D is considered by many experts to be the definitive variant of the Mustang as it was the most widely produced. It featured a bubble canopy which gave the pilot superb all-round visibility as well as a heavier armament of six 12.7mm machine guns. Wing racks allowed the carriage of drop tanks to extend range or bombs for ground attack. P-51Ds were instrumental in helping the Allies gain air superiority over Europe, and after Germany's defeat, they continued their role as long-range escorts for B-29s attacking Japan. Many also saw service during the Korean War as fighter-bombers and a few even continued to serve with air forces of less developed nations until the 1980s.

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Tamiya 1:72 De Havilland Mosquito FB Mk.IV
Art.Nr.: 300060747 Artikelbezeichnung: 1:72 De Havilland Mosquito FB Mk.IVThe De Havilland "Mosquito" made of wood was designed based on "high-speed bomber shaking off fighter". The design of the Mosquito was got in shape in 1939. The De Havilland had experienced producing "DH88 Comet" made of wood before, therefore they paid attention that the surface of wooden wing could be finished smoothly and the amount of aluminum could be saved. Two of Rolls Royce Merlin engines were selected as the source of power and the wood was used as the material of this fuselage. The parts with the metal were only the parts of the periphery of the engine and the landing gear. At the first time, the Air Ministry was passive adopting the Mosquito because of wooden and no machine guns. However the Mosquito made a maiden flight with the maximum speed of 630km when the "Spitfire" had the maximum speed of 580km at those time. Therefore a lot of "Mosquito" were suddenly requested. After many types of the Mosquito were produced, Night-Fighter Mk. II armed with 7.7mm machine guns on its nose and A.I.Mk.IV radar made an appearance. This Mosquito brought its ability into full play in attacking an airfield and intercepting raiding bombers. Also Fighting Bomber Mk. VI armed with four 225kg bombs and eight of rocket bombs was arranged as the actual fighting in Mar. 1943. This type played havoc with theland forces, the battleships and the U-boat. Furthermore it was active in attacking the railroad and its bridge at Burmese front line, giving a blow to Japanese army. The mosquito's wooden structure was strong against being shot, therefore it held an established position from the pilots with the special mission.

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Tamiya 1:48 WWII Dt. Messerschmitt Bf109 E3
Art.Nr.: 300061050 Artikelbezeichnung: 1:48 WWII Dt. Messerschmitt Bf109 E3About the Messerschmitt Bf109 E-3Without a doubt, the Messerschmitt Bf109 can be claimed as the most famous and successful German aircraft from the WW2. It was the world's most advanced fighter at the time of its debut in 1936, and remained as the standard fighter for the Luftwaffe throughout the conflict.Created by the brilliant designer Willi Messerschmitt, it had the smallest possible airframe built around the most powerful engine available. It also boasted many of the then innovative features such as an all metal stressed skin construction, retractable main landing gear, automatic Handley-Page leading edge slats, etc. The Bf109 saw first combat during the Spanish Civil War and fully demonstrated its exceptional maneuverability, inherited from its precedent Bf108 Taifun (Typhoon) multi-purpose sports plane. The Bf109 underwent numerous improvement throughout its career, and mass production of the E variant started late in 1939.Within one year, about 2,000 "E" aircraft were rolled out. Its excellent performance greatly contributed in the active service of German pilots at the Western Front and during the "Battle of Britain". The E-3 version used an improved Daimler-Benz DB601Aa engine capable of 1,100 h.p. output. This engine had provision for mounting a 20mm MG FF cannon on the crankcase and firing through the propeller hub. The Messerschmitt Bf109E was one of the best fighters of the early WW2 period, on a par with the British Spitfire.

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Tamiya 1:72 P-51D Mustang North American
Art.Nr.: 300060749 Artikelbezeichnung: 1:72 P-51D Mustang North AmericanIn dieser Militärflugzeugserie finden Sie alle markanten Merkmale der Meisterstücke aus dem 2. Weltkrieg, moderne Jets und Hubschrauber sind naturgetreu nachgebildet. Man kann sich einen einzigartigen Einblick in die Welt der neuesten Düsenjäger, der Kampfflugzeuge des 2. Weltkrieges auf Seiten der Alliierten und der Achsenmächte verschaffen, dazu die verschiedenen Transporthubschrauber und Kampfhubschrauber zur U-Boot- und Panzerabwehr vergleichen. Hier besitzen Sie ein Fenster zu historischen Luftfahrt.

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Tamiya 1:48 Mitsubishi A6M3/3a Zero Fighter PE
Tamiya 1:48 Mitsubishi A6M3/3a Zero Fighter PE

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Tamiya 1:32 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.VIII
Art.Nr.: 300060320 Artikelbezeichnung: 1:32 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.VIIIThe successor of the Spitfire Mk. V is the Mk. VIII. The Spitfire Mk. VIII was developed with improved features such as an enlarged rudder, Merlin 60 engine, shortened ailerons, a retractable tail landing gear, and fuel tanks on the edges of the wings. These new features were incorporated into later Spitfire variants. The plane was first used in service in the summer of 1943. Primarily, the Mk. VIII was used on fronts in the Mediterranean and the Pacific, as well as in battles against the Luftwaffe and Italian air forces in North Africa and Italy. The Mk. III also proved itself in battles against the Japanese Zero in China, Burma, Indian and Australia. The Mk. VIII's successes lead it to be the foundation for later Spitfire aircraft.

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Tamiya 1:48 WWII RAF De Havilland Mosquito Mk.6
Art.Nr.: 300061062 Art.bezeichnung: 1:48 WWII RAF De Havilland Mosquito Mk.6Nicknamed "The Wooden Wonder" due to its nearly all-wood construction, the de Havilland Mosquito was initially conceived as a fast, unarmed bomber and went on to serve in that and many other roles during WWII. This kit depicts the NF Mk.II nightfighter and FB Mk.VI fighter-bomber variants which were introduced in Spring 1942 and Spring 1943 respectively. Parts are included for the NF Mk.II's nose- and wing-mounted radar antenna as well as 500lb bombs and rockets for the FB Mk.VI. The bomb bay may be fitted with bombs and also features details for the fuel tank and 20mm cannon magazines. Two pilot figures and three marking options are included.

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Tamiya 1:72 WWII Mitsubishi A6M2b Zero (Zeke)
Art.Nr.: 300060780 Artikelbezeichnung: 1:72 WWII Mitsubishi A6M2b Zero (Zeke)From the early days of the Second Sino-Japanese War to the end of hostilities in the Pacific, the Mitsubishi Zero served as the Imperial Japanese Navy's main frontline fighter. The first major mass-produced version was the A6M2b, which was equipped with 50cm folding wingtips, landing hook, and radio direction finder for carrierbased operations. Flown by expert pilots, the A6M2b took part in daring operations such as the Pearl Harbor attack and the invasion of the Philippines. It's 3,000km range, powerful 20mm cannon armament, and legendary maneuverability quickly earned the respect of Allied aircrews. The Tamiya model assembly kit faithfully reproduces this historic warplane in 1/72 scale.About the model _ 1/72 scale plastic assembly kit. _ New tooling for wing, fuselage, and engine cowling. _ Wing is depicted in extended position only. _ One-piece engine cowling via slide molding manufacturing process. _ Detailed cockpit and landing gear wells. _ Comes with 3 decal marking options to depict aircraft that took part in the Pearl Harbor Attack.

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Tamiya 1:72 US F-16CJ Fighting Falcon
Art.Nr.: 300060786 Artikelbezeichnung: 1:72 US F-16CJ Fighting FalconThe Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcon is a single-engine multirole fighter aircraft originally developed by General Dynamics for the United States Air Force (USAF). It was designed as an air superiority day fighter and later it evolved into a successful all-weather multirole aircraft. As of 2012, over 4,500 aircraft have been built since production was approved in 1976.In 2004 and in 2008 Tamiya’s model designers captured this iconic fighter in 1/48 scale and in 1/32 scale respectively, which both models received tremendous accolades from the modeling community and the industry press.The third release continues Tamiya’s tradition of excellence with this 1/72 cale model. This version is specifically of the F-16CJ (Block50) and it shares some of the same level of details as its larger counterparts. It is the perfect scale model for modelers confined to smaller display areas to show off their hard modeling work.

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Tamiya 1:32 Mc Donnell F4 C/D PHANTOM II
Art.Nr.: 300060305 Artikelbezeichnung: 1:32 Mc Donnell F4 C/D PHANTOM IIAbout the McDonnell F-4C/D Phantom IIIn May 1958, the McDonnell F4H-1 Phantom II prototype was rolled out of their facility at Lambert Field, St. Louis, Missouri. It was a very large aircraft for a fighter and it was not very pretty by aviation standards. It looked like some giant had stepped on its nose and kicked it in the tail; however, it flew on the 27th of that month and is still flying today, 5,195 Phantoms later. From these beginnings until well into the 1970's the F4 Phantom II would be the primary fighter aircraft of the free world.By 1982 the F4 had fought in 5 major conflicts, nine years in Southeast Asia, twice in the desert of the Middle East and against each other at one time. It was used in every role; Fighter interceptor, Fighterbomber, Reconnaissance, Tanker and Drone. They specialized in attack roles as Wild Weasel defense suppression and laser designator bombers. They also defeated the best aircraft that the opposition could put against it. The only time it lost was when pitted against another F4, during the Greek-Turkey conflict. With the U.S. Navy in the headlines everyday with this new interceptor, the American Defense Department ordered competitive tests be flown against the best aircraft in the U.S. Air Force inventory. Convair's F-106 Delta Dart was selected to fly against the Navy's Phantom II, and the Phantom easily won top speed, low-level speed, altitude, plus the unrefueled range and radar range. Following this flyoff, much to the disgust and embarrassment of the Air Force, it was decided that the next Air Force fighter would be this U.S. Navy design. It would at first supplement, then totally replace the Air Force F100; F102; F104 and F105 strike and interceptor aircraft. Under the designation F110A, the Air Force Phantom II was basically a Navy-4B airframe with changes made to meet Air Force requirements. Following the F-4C, which was essentially the same aircraft as the designated F110A, the

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Art.Nr.: 300061053 Artikelbezeichnung: 1:48 BRISTOL BEAUFIGHTER MK.6About the Bristol Beaufighter Mk.VIBristrol's "Beaufighter" was one of the most successful and widely used twin engines fighter types during WW2. The first series production Beaufighter MK.1 entered service in September 1940. With its four nose-mounted 20mm cannons and six 7.7mm machine guns in the wings, this stub-nosed fighter became the most heavily armed aircraft in service with the RAF during the war.As the German Luftwaffe eventually turned to night bombing in autumn of 1940, priority was put on night fighters and the first operational Beaufighters were fitted with the Airborne Interception (AI) radar, which designated the Mk.1F (F was suffix for Fighter Command). Meanwhile, its rugged construction was thought ideal for long range fighting and escort duties, and the Mk.1C under the Coastal Command became ready for initial operations in late March 1941. Introduction of the more powerful, 1,670hp Hercules VI engines by late 1941 resulted in the Mk.VI. A 7.7mm machine gun being added in the observers canopy for rearward defense, and the horizontal tail plane was modified to have a 12 degree of dihedral, to eliminate the unstable characteristics observed on the preceding types.The Beaufighters saw active service not only above Europe but also in the Mediterranean, North Africa, Middle East and Pacific area. More than 5,900 Beaufighters of various types were produced.

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Tamiya 1:48 US P-38 J Lightning
Tamiya 1:48 US P-38 J Lightning

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Tamiya 1:72 Mits. A6M3 Zero Fighter Mo. 32 Hamp
Art.Nr.: 300060784 Art.bezeichnung: 1:72 Mits. A6M3 Zero Fighter Mo. 32 HampThe 1/72 scale Warbirds Collection welcomes the A6M3 Zero fighter Model 32, which was codenamed ‘Hamp’ by American forces. The Model 32 was an evolution of the Model 21; it received an improved Sakae 21 engine and shorter, redesigned main wing, with the effect that its top speed increased by 11km/h and it also had improved roll and diving speed, albeit at the cost of increased fuel consumption. In fact, this plus with the Model 32’s smaller fuel tank meant its range was some 1,000km shorter. The Model 32 made its maiden flight on July 15th 1941, and first saw service with the 2nd Fighter Group in Rabaul, the Philippines. All told, 343 Model 32 aircraft were manufactured, a number so low in part due to the range limitations of the aircraft.About the Model • This is a 1/72 scale plastic model assembly kit. • The model faithfully replicates the form of the A6M3 Zero Model 32 with square-shaped wings. • Main wing, fuselage, and engine cowl are all newly-designed parts. • Features such as flaps integrated with wing parts make this model easy to build while still retaining an excellent grasp of the aircraft’s details. • 3 sets of markings included.

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Tamiya-Modellbau: Ihr Flugzeug Bausatz bei D-Edition

Sie lieben Flugzeuge? Außerdem haben Sie eine ruhige Hand und basteln für Ihr Leben gern? Dann sind die Tamiya-Modellbau-Produkte das Richtige für Sie! Das Sortiment umfasst Bausätze vieler verschiedener Fahr- und Flugzeugmodelle sowie Militärfiguren, Pferde und sogar Dinosaurier. So können Sie sich Ihre ganz individuelle Modellwelt aufbauen und sie Ihren Vorstellungen entsprechend gestalten. Bei D-Edition finden Sie zahlreiche Produkte der Marke Tamiya im Modellbau-Shop. Schauen Sie sich um und suchen Sie sich Ihr neues Lieblingsmodell aus.

Diese Bausätze gibt es im Tamiya-Modellbau-Shop

Die 1984 gegründete Marke Tamiya, die ihren Sitz in Shizuoka in Japan hat, verfügt über langjährige Erfahrung in der Herstellung im Bereich des Modellbaus. Tamiya bietet ein breites Portfolio an Modellen aus verschiedenen Themenbereichen. Die Produktpalette im Plastik-Modellbau umfasst:

  • Modellautos
  • Motorräder
  • Militärfahrzeuge
  • Militärflugzeuge
  • Schiffe
  • Dinosaurier
  • Werkzeug und Zubehör

Die Bausätze für den Modellbau von Tamiya sind je nach Produkt in verschiedenen Maßstäben zwischen 1:700 und 1:5 erhältlich. Der Hersteller legt großen Wert auf die originalgetreue Darstellung aller Details und folgt hohen Qualitätsstandards. Mit Modellbau von Tamiya aus unserem Shop erhalten Sie garantiert hochwertige Bauteile und ein Ergebnis, das sich sehen lassen kann.

Modellbau von Tamiya: So gelingt die Montage

Der Plastik-Modellbau von Tamiya gibt Bastelfreunden Anlass dazu, ihr Hobby noch mehr zu genießen. Die Bauteile bestehen aus dem Kunststoff Polystyrol. Sie müssen sie zunächst aus den Kunststoffgittern herausschneiden, in denen sie bei Ihnen ankommen. Das geht am besten mit einem Cutter-Messer. Mit speziellem Modellbaukleber leimen Sie die Teile nun zusammen. Überschüssigen Leim und abstehende Kanten entfernen Sie mit Schleifpapier. Sie können die Unebenheiten auch verspachteln. Im nächsten Schritt tragen Sie eine Grundierung auf - meist ist diese weiß, aber auch andere Farben sind möglich.

Mit den originalgetreuen Farben oder auch einem eigenen Design bemalen Sie Ihr Fahr- oder Flugzeug aus dem Tamiya-Modellbau-Sortiment. Das können Sie sowohl mit Pinseln als auch mit Airbrush tun - je nachdem, was Ihnen am besten liegt. Außerdem besteht die Möglichkeit, das Modell mit speziellen Abziehbildern, sogenannten Decals, zu dekorieren. Nach Bedarf können Sie nun noch Spezialeffekte hinzufügen - beispielsweise Abnutzungserscheinungen, die Ihrem Modell ein noch authentischeres Äußeres verleihen.

Tamiya-Modellbau im Online-Shop von D-Edition

Bei D-Edition finden Sie viele verschiedene Produkte von Tamiya-Modellbau im Online-Shop. Lassen Sie Ihrer Bastelleidenschaft freien Lauf und toben Sie sich mit unseren Auto-, Flug- und Militär-Modellen aus. Das entsprechende Zubehör sowie Werkzeug und Tuning und Ersatzteile finden Sie bei uns ebenfalls. Alles, was für einen echten Modellbaufan wichtig ist, haben wir in unserem breit gefächerten Sortiment. Dazu gehören nicht nur Standmodelle, sondern auch RC-Fahrzeuge, -Flugmodelle und -Boote, mit denen Sie rasante Rennen fahren können. Überzeugen Sie sich selbst und schauen Sie sich in unserem Shop um! D-Edition liefert Ihnen hochwertige Bauteile und Produkte, mit denen Sie Ihren Fuhrpark erweitern können.

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