Tamiya TA08 Achsschenkelbolzen (2) 58693/681
Tamiya TA08 Achsschenkelbolzen (2) 58693/681

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Tamiya TA08 Zahnriemen Hinten 101Z
Tamiya TA08 Zahnriemen Hinten 101Z

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Art.Nr.: 300053646Art.bezeichnung: Rad-Distanzscheibe (8) BLAU★Handy spacers for use in adjusting tread, etc. ★Includes four each of 0.5mm and 1mm spacers.

9,27 €* 12,99 €*
Art.Nr.: 300053632 Art.bezeichnung: FEDERN (2) Tourenwagen HART KURZ★These dark blue color hard springs provide lower ground clearance and boost car stability.Compatible Chassis FF-03, FF-03 PRO, FF-04 EVO, M-07 Concept, TA05 Ver.II, TA06, TA06 PRO, TA06 MS, TA07 PRO, TA07 MS, TB-03, TB-03 VDS, TB-04, TB-04 PRO, TB-05 PRO, TT-01 Type-E, TT-01 Type-ES, TT-01D Type-E, TT-02, TT-02D, TT-02 Type-S & TT-02RR Chassis *Use with Item 53571 TRF Damper Set (Fluorine Coated).

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Tamiya O-Ring 3x6mm Rot (10) Dämpfer/Radachse
Tamiya O-Ring 3x6mm Rot (10) Dämpfer/Radachse

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Tamiya TA07 Zentralwellen-Versteifung Stahl
Art.Nr.: 300054751 Artikelbezeichnung: TA07 Zentralwellen-Versteifung StahlThis bridge part fits onto the center shaft (BB21) and counter pulley in the TA07's 1-belt drivetrain. When fitted, it reduces center shaft flex and acts as a simple belt tension adjuster. By using this Hop-Up Option part, you will not need to use the plastic gear cover.•Steel Center Shaft Bridge x1 •840 Ball Bearing x1 •Small parts for attachment included. •Compatible with TA07 chassis cars only.

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Tamiya TA08 M0.6 Hauptzahnrad 71Z
Tamiya TA08 M0.6 Hauptzahnrad 71Z

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Tamiya 5mm Kugelpfanne Med./11,5mm (8) offen
Art.Nr.: 300054868 Art.bezeichnung: 5mm Kugelpfanne Med./11,5mm (8) offen- Open Face 5mm Reinforced Adjusters (Medium) x8 - Length: 11.5mm - May require filing down when used on some models.

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33.59 %
Tamiya CR-01 Alu Radmitnehmer 6mm Klemm-Ver.(4)
Art.Nr.: 300053569 Artikelbezeichnung: CR-01 Alu Radmitnehmer 6mm Klemm-Ver.(4)These machined aluminum hubs clamp to the wheel axle rather than the slip-on stock plastic units resulting in truer spinning wheel and added strength. Set includes four hubs and hardware.

24,10 €* 36,29 €*
Tamiya TRF Alu Distanzscheiben 0,75 mm blau (8)
Art.Nr.: 300054573 Artikelbezeichnung: TRF Alu Distanzscheiben 0,75 mm blau (8)These spacers are designed to gain even greater precision in your touring car model tread setup (the width between the wheels), with these 0.75mm spacers.Contains Aluminum Wheel Spacers x8 Altering the tread of the car allows you to modify the stability of the model. Aluminum parts offer excellent durability and rigidity. Compatible with touring car R/C models.

7,99 €*
32.74 %
Tamiya Alu Ruderhorn Blau elox. H.T.Servo Saver
Art.Nr.: 300054121 Artikelbezeichnung: Alu Ruderhorn Blau elox. H.T.Servo SaverThis is and aluminum servo saver horn which is finished in blue anodized color. When used, enhanced steering handling and response can be immediately felt when replacing the Hi torque Servo Saver Q5 part.Aluminum horn x 1 May be used with chassis kits: TB-03, TA05, DB01, DF-03, TRF501X, TRF416, TRF415 Can be used with Spare Parts 50473 and 51000

17,48 €* 25,99 €*
27.67 %
Tamiya TA07/TC Carb. Hi. Kar.-Halterverbinder
Art.Nr.: 300054783 Artikelbezeichnung: TA07/TC Carb. Hi. Kar.-HalterverbinderThis useful crossmember piece is crafted from carbon fiber material. It will reduce "wobble" experienced in the rear body mount pieces, which helps keep your car more stable through corners.•Carbon Body Mount Crossmember (Rear) x1 •O-Rings x2 •6mm Snap Pins x4 •Two-hole positions allow you to use this item on both TRF419 wide post set ups, and narrower TA, TB and FF chassis machines post set ups. •Compatible with TA07, TB-04, FF-03, TRF419 chassis.

11,06 €* 15,29 €*
26.3 %
Tamiya TA07/R Alu Ackermann-Set Eins
Art.Nr.: 300054949Art.bezeichnung: TA-07 Alu Ackermann-Set einstellbarFine-tuning your Ackerman steering angles can make all the difference to your chassis handling, and that is exactly what you can do with this adjustable set for the TA07 chassis. The aluminum components allow two different Ackerman settings.• 8mm and 8.5mm Aluminum Pivot Mounts x1 each• Aluminum Steering Bridge x1• The aluminum pivot mounts and bridge in this set can be used to replace kit-standard parts.• Exchanging the pivot mount parts (which have different hole offsets) alters the chassis Ackerman-milder steering from the 8mm component, and sharper from the 8.5mm part.• Aluminum blue anodized finish.• Compatible with TA07, TRF419 and TRF420 chassis cars.

30,21 €* 40,99 €*
Tamiya Kegeldifferenzial Shim-Set 0,2/0,3mm (4)
Art.Nr.: 300054589 Artikelbezeichnung: Kegeldifferenzial Shim-Set 0,2/0,3mm (4)Get your gear differential set up exactly how you want it! This handy shim set features 2 different thicknesses of shim (0.2 and 0.3mm) to allow fine adjustment of the bevels in your gear diff.Note: These shims are meant to be used in Tamiya oil-filled gear differential units employed in 4WD touring cars and 4WD off-road buggies.Set Contents:5x10x0.2mm Shim x4 5x10x0.3mm Shim x4

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Tamiya TRF420/419/TA07 Dichtung Kege
Tamiya TRF420/419/TA07 Dichtung Kege

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Tamiya TA08 Stabi-Set Vorn/Hinten (2+2)
Tamiya TA08 Stabi-Set Vorn/Hinten (2+2)

27,42 €* 37,49 €*
Tamiya TA08 Frontrammer Urethan 58693
Tamiya TA08 Frontrammer Urethan 58693

7,69 €*
24.46 %
Art.Nr.: 300053642Art.bezeichnung: Kugelkopf Alu 5mm (BLAU)★Lightweight and durable aluminum ball connectors provide smooth motion and a cool look with their blue anodized finish. ★Replace worn parts in a timely manner for optimum performance!

10,19 €* 13,49 €*
1.17 %
Tamiya TRF420/TA07 37Z Riemenrad sta
Art.Nr.: 300051642Art.bezeichnung: TRF420/TA07 37Z Riemenrad star. Durchtr.This is a spare front direct pully component to the TRF420. Use this item to replace damaged or worn parts in your drivetrain.• TRF420 Front Direct Pulley x1• 0.2mm & 0.3mm Shims x2 each• Front direct pulley and direct holder are an integrated plastic part for a weight savings of 2g compared to separate parts used on previous generation of TRF chassis.• Direct cups are now screw-attached (was 2x9.8mm pins on previous chassis), allowing their replacement without the need to remove the direct pulley component.• Compatible with TRF420 and TA07 chassis cars.

12,64 €* 12,79 €*
34.65 %
Tamiya C.V.A II Öldämpfer-Set Extra
C.V.A II Öldämpfer-Set Extra

17,31 €* 26,49 €*
Tamiya TA08 A-Teile Lenkhebel/Riemenr. 58693
Tamiya TA08 A-Teile Lenkhebel/Riemenr. 58693

14,49 €*
Tamiya Alu Li/Re-Gewindestangen 3x42mm (2) blau
Art.Nr.: 300054250Art.bezeichnung: Alu Li/Re-Gewindestangen 3x42mm (2) blau★Turnbuckle shafts allow adjustment of length without removing adjusters. ,★These components are crafted in lightweight and durable aluminum.★Parts feature a stylish blue anodized finish.Compatible ChassisTA07 PRO, TA06, TA06 PRO, TA06 MS, TB-04, TB-04 PRO, FF-04 EVO, TRF419, TRF419X, TB Evo.6, TB Evo.6 MS, XV-01 PRO & XV-01T Chassis

9,39 €*
Art.Nr.: 300053577Art.bezeichnung: TRF DÄMPFER URETHAN BUSH.8★These oil seals are for use in TRF dampers. ★Replace seals before they show significant wear to keep your dampers at peak performance.Compatible ChassisDN-01 FF-03, FF-03 PRO, FF-04 EVO, M-07 Concept*2, TA05 Ver.II, TA07 PRO, TA07 MS, TB-03*1, TB-03 VDS, TB-05 PRO, TB Evo.7, TRF419, TRF419X, TRF419XR, TT-01 Type-E*1, TT-01 Type-ES*1, TT-01D Type-E*1, TT-02*1, TT-02D*1, TT-02 Type-S*1, TT-02RR*1, XV-01*1, XV-01T*1 & XV-01 PRO Chassis

4,79 €*
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Tamiya DB-01 Stahl Kugelkopf 5x5mm(5) Innensec.
Art.Nr.: 300053968 Artikelbezeichnung: DB-01 Stahl Kugelkopf 5x5mm(5) Innensec.These general use connectors are made from tough high-strength steel to handle the rigors of off-road racing but can also be installed in on-road chassis. Compatible Chassis: Any

13,08 €* 14,99 €*

Großes Angebot an RC Fahrzeug Tuningteile für Tamiya TA07 & Ta08 Chassis Familie

Das Tamiya TA07 Chassis ist ab Werk bereits eine Perfomante Tourenwagen Basis für die Straße und Rennstrecke. Für die Chassis Varianten TA07 Pro, TA07R sowie TA07 MS, TA08 gibt es eine Vielzahl an Tuningteilen zur weiteren Individualisierung und Anpassung an die Persönlichen Bedürfnisse. Von Fahrwerksfedern in verschiedenen Federraten bis hin zu Aluminium Abdeckungen, Fahrwerkskomponenten, Dämpfertellern, Schrauben, Buchsen, Kugelköpfen, Stoppmuttern, Motorritzeln über Radmitnehmern in verschiedenen breiten gibt es eine Vielzahl an Tuningteilen. Besonders geänderte Aufhängungsbefestigungen, Motorhalter und Riemenräder beeinflussen die Performance und Verstärkungen für die Zentralwellen lassen ganz neue Möglichkeiten entstehen. Das Tamiya TA07 Chassis ist ein Tourenwagen mit viel Potenzial und Tuningteile in verschiedenen Materialien wie Aluminium, Messing, Stahl und Carbon lassen das Augenmerk von Leistung, Stabilität bis hin zu Gewichtsreduktion alles zu. Mit den Tuningteilen von D-Edition können Sie ihrem RC-Hobby entspannt und problemlos nachgehen.