1 %
Tamiya M-08 Alu Chassisverbinder Set (4) Blau
Art.Nr.: 300054966Art.bezeichnung: M08 Aluminium Chassisverbinder Set (4)- Aluminium Chassis Pfosten (4 Stück)- für das TAMIYA M-08 Chassis- ersetzen die Teile B8- blau eloxiert- für die Radstände M und L werden alle 4 Stück benötigt, bei S-Radstand nur 2 Stück

14,84 €* 14,99 €*
Tamiya TA06 Dichtunge Kegeldifferenz
TA06 Dichtunge Kegeldifferenz

2,69 €*
Tamiya M-05V.II Querlenker-Set v/h (4)einteil.
Art.Nr.: 300054606 Artikelbezeichnung: M-05V.II Querlenker-Set v/h (4)einteil.These are the revolutionary suspension arms used in Item 58593 M-05 Ver.II PRO Chassis Kit. They can be used to replace worn or broken parts in your original M0-5 Ver.II Pro or they can be used to update you version I kit to Version 2 specification.Specs and Features:One-piece parts offer greater rigidity and better handling when compared to the standard 2-piece M-Chassis parts. When used with Item 54605 (chassis parts), it allows simple adjustment of rebound stroke via the droop screw on the suspension arm itself.Compatible with M-05 Ver.II PRO, M-05* and M-06* Chassis.Note: M-05 Version 1 and M-06 chassis platforms require parts modification (explained on the 54606 instruction sheet)

9,99 €*
Tamiya M-07C Hauptzahnrad xxZ/Gegenzahnrad
Art.Nr.: 300051601 Artikelbezeichnung: M-07C Hauptzahnrad xxZ/GegenzahnradThese are the replacement gears to the M-07 Concept gearbox.•M-07 Concept Spur Gear (37T/21T) x1 •M-07 Concept Counter Gear (29T/23T) x1 •Contains enough gears to replace 1 complete gearbox. •Compatible with M-07 Concept chassis cars.

4,49 €*
26.99 %
Tamiya M-07C Alu Motor-Kühlkörper Blau elox.
Art.Nr.: 300054759 Artikelbezeichnung: M-07C Alu Motor-Kühlkörper Blau elox.This aluminum heat sink uses fins to help heat dissipate from the motor mounted on the M-07 Concept chassis. The use of a heat sink helps to prevent loss of performance from overheating in a long race.•Aluminum Motor Heat Sink x1 •Anodized in blue. •3x8mm screw for attachment included. •Compatible with M-07 Concept chassis.

15,99 €* 21,90 €*
Tamiya B-Teile Lenkung/Akkuhalter M-05
Tamiya B-Teile Lenkung/Akkuhalter M-05

8,79 €*
Tamiya M-Chassis Reifeneinlage Super Hart (4)
Art.Nr.: 300054590 Artikelbezeichnung: M-Chassis Reifeneinlage Super Hart (4)Set up your M-Chassis car so it better meets the requirements of the driving surface or even your driving style. These super hard tire inner sponges are one step harder than item 53255 (60D Hard Inner Sponge set)Specifications:Super hard inner sponges are well-suited for hot track conditions, and high speed circuits. Package contains inner sponges to complete 4 tires. Compatible with all M-Chassis cars.

4,29 €*
25.77 %
Tamiya M-08C Alu Lenkhebelverb. Blau elox.
Art.Nr.: 300054892 Art.bezeichnung: M-08C Alu Lenkhebelverb. Blau elox.This aluminum steering bridge for the new M-08 Concept chassis will give more precise steering motion and more secure attachment of components.Item Information/Contents • Aluminum Steering Bridge x1 • Component has the iconic Tamiya blue anodized finish. • 5.5x2mm and 5.5x1.5mm Spacers (x2 each) are included to adjust clearance. • Recommended for use with separately sold steering arms (Item 54891). • Compatible with M-08 Concept chassis.

18,18 €* 24,49 €*
Tamiya M-05Ra F-Teile Achsschenkel vorne/hinten
Art.Nr.: 300051425Art.bezeichnung: M-05Ra F-Teile Achsschenkel vorne/hintenThis is the F Parts for M-05Ra chassis.F Parts x 1pc.

9,99 €*
26.54 %
Tamiya TA06 G Difff Stahl-Kegelräder
Art.Nr.: 300054428Art.bezeichnung: M-08/M-07/TA06 Kegelräder Stahl f. Diff.Replace the kit-standard plastic gears (GV1 and GV2) with these metal gears to allow your car to handle tough driving conditions such as rally driving with a high-powered motor.

13,95 €* 18,99 €*
Tamiya M-03/04/05/06 Getriebe verstärkt schwarz
Art.Nr.: 300054277Art.bezeichnung: M-03/04/05/06 Getriebe verstärkt schwarzReinforced gear components provide a durable option in your gearbox.Compatible ChassisM-05, M-05 PRO, M-05 Ver.II PRO, M-06 & M-06 PRO Chassis

8,29 €*
26.68 %
Tamiya M-Ch. LW Alu Radmitn. 12mm (2) einteil.
Tamiya M-Ch. LW Alu Radmitn. 12mm (2) einteil.

18,69 €* 25,49 €*
21.16 %
Tamiya M-Chassis 8-Spei. Felgen (2) Chrom 24mm
Tamiya M-Chassis 8-Spei. Felgen (2) Chrom 24mm

9,69 €* 12,29 €*
27.13 %
Tamiya TA06 Abtriebe Kegeldifferenzial (2)
Tamiya TA06 Abtriebe Kegeldifferenzial (2)

9,32 €* 12,79 €*
3.07 %
Tamiya M-07C Carbon Stoßfängerversteifung
Art.Nr.: 300054791 Artikelbezeichnung: M-07C Carbon StoßfängerversteifungThis lightweight and rigid carbon fiber support replaces the stock plastic part on the M-07 M-Chassis kit. It will help keep the urethane bumper securely in place.Set Contents •Carbon Fiber Bumper Support x1 •Small parts for attachment included. •Compatible with M-07 Concept chassis cars.

13,56 €* 13,99 €*
Tamiya Felgen (2) Alfa Romeo Giulia
Tamiya Felgen (2) Alfa Romeo Giulia

6,19 €*
Tamiya T3-01/M-Chassis 11-Sp.-Felgen Chrom (2)
Art.Nr.: 300054824 Art.bezeichnung: T3-01/M-Chassis 11-Sp.-Felgen Chrom (2)These are chrome plated rear wheels to the T3-01 trike chassis. Use it to spice up the look of your Dancing Rider Kit.• Chrome Plated 11-Spoke Wheels x1 • Compatible with T3-01 and M-chassis models.

6,19 €*
16.07 %
Tamiya M-05Ra Rally-Block Reifen (2)
Tamiya M-05Ra Rally-Block Reifen (2)

9,56 €* 11,39 €*
0.12 %
Tamiya M-05 Alu Lenkhebel-Pfosten
Art.Nr.: 300054193 Art.bezeichnung: M-05 Alu Lenkhebel-PfostenHop-Up your M-05 chassis with Aluminum Steering Posts. The steering post set provides your M-05 with greater durability and improved stability. For best performance, use with the Aluminum Steering Set (Item 54191) and Aluminum Steering Link (Item 54192). *Not included in the M-05 PRO.

16,27 €* 16,29 €*
28.01 %
Tamiya M-05 Kugellagersatz
Art.Nr.: 300054179 Art.bezeichnung: M-05/06 Kugellagersatz (18)•Can be used with M-05 chassis machines. •850 Ball bearings x 6pcs. •1150 Ball bearings x 12pcs.

29,87 €* 41,49 €*
2.37 %
Tamiya M-07C C-Teile verst. Achssch./Träg. CF
Tamiya M-07C C-Teile verst. Achssch./Träg. CF

11,51 €* 11,79 €*
Tamiya M-07C HFC M0,6 22Z Alu Motorritzel
Art.Nr.: 300054770 Artikelbezeichnung: M-07C HFC M0,6 22Z Alu MotorritzelThis aluminum pinion gear is lightweight and features a durable hard coating. Thanks to its rounded teeth, it has greater resistance to wear and lower drivetrain friction loss. The gear is compatible with 06 Module spur gears.

9,79 €*
28.21 %
Tamiya M-Ch. 60D S. Radial Reifen Hart (2)
Tamiya M-Ch. 60D S. Radial Reifen Hart (2)

17,08 €* 23,79 €*
26.65 %
Tamiya M-05 Kugel-Diff.Set
Art.Nr.: 300054194 Art.bezeichnung: M-05 Kugeldifferenzial-SetHop-Up your M-05 with the Ball Differential Set. The differential set provides traction and stability to your machine even if one wheel has no contact with the track surface. This is a essential Hop-Up part for your M-05 chassis. *Not included in the M-05 PRO.

45,10 €* 61,49 €*

Großes Angebot an RC Fahrzeug Tuningteile für Tamiya M Chassis Familie

Für die Tamiya M Chassis M-05, M-05 Pro, M-05 Version II Pro, M-06, M-06 Pro bis hin zu M-07 und M-08 Concept bietet Tamiya ein breites Tuningteile Segment an um aus den kleinen Kompakten Boliden das Maximum herauszuholen. Von verschiedenen Verstärkten Fahrwerkskomponenten über Aluminium und Stahl Komponenten für den Antriebsstrang bietet das Portfolio viel Spielraum um die Fahrdynamik des Fahrzeugs anzupassen. Von geschlossenen Kugellagern bis hin zu Verstärkten Dämpferbrücken in Carbon wird das Thema Stabilität und Gewichtsreduktion perfekt abgerundet. Mit den Tuningteilen von D-Edition können Sie ihrem RC-Hobby entspannt und problemlos nachgehen.